Failed Democrat Hack Nancy Pelosi Made Decision Not To Move Forward With Formal Impeachment Vote

This just in, far-left Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has decided not to hold a formal vote to authorize an impeachment probe into President Donald Trump.
This comes after weeks of pointless fake impeachment propaganda and agenda against Trump that was exposed in an unimaginable proportion.

From CNBC:

“House Democrats will not hold a vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump as of now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Tuesday.
The decision to hold off on a formal vote comes amid growing pressure from Republican lawmakers and White House officials who have criticized House Democrats’ efforts as an illegitimate attempt to undermine Trump’s presidency.
But many members of Pelosi’s caucus want to avoid the perception that the White House is dictating how the House, as part of a separate and equal branch of government, conducts itself, a congressional aide familiar with Democrats’ discussions told CNBC.”

Democrats now have egg on their face like never before. Not only has their credibility been shot in the eyes of the average American voter, but now they are going back on their word to their constituents. They promised their fair-left base that they would impeach him, but that is NOT happening anymore.

Americans quickly took to twitter to react to the decision by the majority leader;


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One thought on “Failed Democrat Hack Nancy Pelosi Made Decision Not To Move Forward With Formal Impeachment Vote

  1. Democrats will never in this life be able to impeach President Trump because God is furious against the Democrats for all the crimes , corruption against American people and it’s God’s agenda he’s the one that’s going to shut down the Democrat partyJust like God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah Democrats will be no more.

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