Nancy Pelosi About To Have A Bad Week, Angry Rudy Giuliani Nukes Democrats And Nancy Pelosi In Fresh Twitter Rant

Former New York mayor and President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani went on a tweeting spree, blasting democrat representatives for going on wild goose chase against President Trump when they should have been pushing bills to make America great.

Rudy Giuliani pointed out that the democrat have issued more subpoenas than they have had legislation signed into law.


The Washington Times reported in October that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic majority have approved more subpoenas to investigate President Trump than they have written laws.

Rudy also called on both parties to work together for the American people.

That is, of course, an impossibility with the unhinged mob running the US House of Representatives.

And Rudy pointed out the obvious — Democrats are rushing through their sham impeachment because they are losing support by the day!

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