“She’ upset because he’s a really smart, good lawyer” Watch Trey Gowdy Brutally Destroys Old Nancy Pelosi After Publicly Smearing Bill Barr.

Trey Gowdy went on Martha McCallum’s “The Story” and shut down Nancy Pelosi with simple logic. Pelosi, fresh of a humiliating loss on impeachment, is not handling it well. She now wants new evidence and she may subpoena more people – what the heck you been waiting on Pelosi?
This has been going on forever, if you haven’t made your case by now what will another few weeks do?

Nothing but that didn’t stop Pelosi for demanding a special counsel look into the whole Lev Parnas and Ukraine deal because…wait for it…she doesn’t trust Bill Barr.

Look, about the only guy in the government we can trust is Bill Barr.

He has the whole establishment against him for getting to the truth about the FISA and Russian hoax.

They almost got away with it but for Bill Barr. Gowdy let Pelosi have it.

“There’s a lot of ifs in that sentence, I thought it was maybe a logic question initially. There has to be a crime, for a special counsel to be appointed. You’re not appointed to look into your political enemies, there has to be a crime.”

“The only crimes that I have heard alleged against Bill Barr is that his name was mentioned in a transcript in a conversation he did not participate in, and most recently, that he may be friends with Rudy Giuliani, Victoria Toensing, and Joe DiGenova. I’m almost positive that being friends with those three people is not a crime.”

“I know she’s upset because he’s a really smart, good lawyer, but that’s not good reason to call for a special counsel.”

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