Adam Schiff Caught Lying AGAIN, Made To Pay For It Shortly After

It is no longer news to the American people that the democrats have designed a system of governing that is built on propaganda and lies, and for the have lived up to that standard. At the Senate hearing of president Trump’s impeachment trial Adam Schiff did not disappoint, as he went of a deranged Trump-Russia screed in his opening address.

According to The Gateway Pundit:

Adam Schiff went off on a deranged Trump-Russia screed during his opening arguments at the Senate Impeachment Trial.

Schiff went from lie to conspiracy throughout his more than an hour long opening argument.

It was outrageous and insane!

Schiff opened up calling President Trump a “king” and “cheat” and then moved on to assert that President Trump is a puppet of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

At one point in his speech Adam Schiff played a joke by Trump at one of his massive rallies as EVIDENCE of wrongdoing!
It was a joke!

And then around 1 hour and 45 minutes into his speech Adam Schiff made up another fake conversation between President Trump and President Zelensky.

Adam Schiff: And I know this is astonishing. So much of the last few years has been a combination of shock and no surprise. And yet even when the president is saying, no quid pro quo, what does he say? “Zelensky must publicly announce the two political investigations and he should want to do it,” No quid pro quo except this quid pro quo.


Adam Schiff assigns this quote to Trump, as if it is confirmed that President Trump said this. Schiff lied in the House and made up the Zelensky/Trump conversation, not realizing that president Trump would release the complete transcript.
Today he lied in the senate, repeatedly.

This is a complete new lie. Schiff is the U. S. House’s Baron von Munchausen. He appears to suffer from Munchausen Syndrome since he can’t stop his lies.

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