PELOSI PRAYING SCARED: Calls To Jail Nancy Pelosi Broke Out During Trump’s NH Rally

During his Monday rally in New Hampshire, President Donald Trump wasted little to no time before talking about his dramatic experience with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi During his recent State of the Union.
While taking a shot at the House Speaker, President Trump stated – “i had somebody behind me who was mumbling terribly” and immediately, chants of “lock her up broke out.”

“Very distracting. Very distracting,” Trump added. “I’m speaking, and a woman is mumbling terribly behind me. There was a little anger back there. We’re the ones who should be angry, not them.”

“Nine months from now, we are going to retake the House of Representatives, we are going to hold the Senate, and we are going to keep the White House,” Trump continued. “We have so much more enthusiasm, it’s not even close. They’re all fighting each other. … They don’t know what they’re doing; they can’t even count their votes.”

President Trump thanked Nancy Pelosi for giving Republicans the highest poll number since 2005. – “New polling by Gallup reveals that President Trump’s approval rating is at an all-time high. Trump’s job approval rating now sits at 49 percent, with a 94 percent approval rating among Republicans and a 42 percent rating with independents, both numbers being highs for Trump’s presidency. The GOP itself is also seeing a significant boost.

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2 thoughts on “PELOSI PRAYING SCARED: Calls To Jail Nancy Pelosi Broke Out During Trump’s NH Rally

  1. I wrote an email to Mitch McConnell this a.m. and told him he should start prosecution of Pelosi or the dems will think it is fine to destroy documents and do other things. I hope he reads it. She should be facing justice.

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