Incriminating Revelation Hits Sleepy Joe Biden Hard Sends Him Running For Cover

We all know Joe Biden, a.k.a “Sleepy Joe”. He was a former United States vice president during the Obama-era and currently a Democratic presidential candidate for the 2020 presidential election.

On Wednesday, during an appearance on Fox News, former Whitehouse Press Secretary Sarah Sanders took a shot at sleepy joe by revealing some troubling facts about the Anti-American Democratic presidential candidate.

Fox News anchor: “When you look at Biden do better than Hillary in Michigan and knowing he is basically going to be the Democrat nominee, does that bother you?”

Sarah Sanders: Not at all she replied, calling Biden a terrible candidate and an extreme liberal. Joe Biden has moved so far to the left and is no moderate she added. He supports tax payer funded abortions, free health care for illegals, wants to eliminate fracking, wants the green new deal which will kill millions of jobs, he is fighting against the second amendment… Sanders continued.

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