Rudy Giuliani Drops Major Bombshell Expose $5.3Billion Dollar Money Laundering Involving Barack Obama And Joe Biden

Earlier, Mark Levin an American lawyer, author, and radio personality directed a comment towards pencil neck Adam Schiff and Speaker Pelosi saying “You’ve Just Awakened a Sleeping Giant.” Mark’s comment came as a result of the constant push by Democrats to have a duly elected President impeached at all cost even if it means fabricating evidence.

Well, Mark Levin was right after all as the sleeping giant is up and out to get the Trump-Hating Democrats starting with Former President Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

TruePundit reports: Rudy Giuliani just dropped a bank safe on the heads of Joe Biden and Barack Obama — a bank safe that might be missing billions in U.S. funds.

Giuliani dropped this massive bombshell in a tweet earlier today.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – In a flex of establishment muscle, a slew of former Obama administration officials came out on Wednesday to support Joe Biden’s Democratic U.S. presidential bid at a time when he is fighting to maintain his front-runner status.

Biden, 76, who was vice president for eight years under Barack Obama, was the guest at a fundraiser that marked the latest effort by his allies to confront the mounting threat posed in polls and fundraising by his top Democratic rival, U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Warren, a progressive who promotes sweeping institutional change, has vowed to change the way Washington does business. Biden has become increasingly reliant on the Democratic political establishment to repel her charge.

Last month, a cadre of Biden’s loyalists launched a Super PAC, something Biden previously resisted. The political action committee allows wealthy donors to give unlimited amounts to support his candidacy. Warren, by contrast, largely accepts only small, online donations.

Biden and Warren sit atop most national opinion polls, with Warren holding an edge in the early voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire and Biden running strongly in other states.

Overall, 17 Democrats are seeking the party’s nomination to take on Republican President Donald Trump in the November 2020 presidential election.

Biden also has stepped up his attacks on Warren, particularly her embrace of single-payer, government-run healthcare. He has increasingly painted Warren, a Harvard University law professor and senator from Massachusetts, as a condescending “elitist” who would not be able to unite a country polarized by Trump’s presidency.

But Biden was the one mixing with the local political elite on Wednesday at the Washington home of Jeffrey Zients, a multimillionaire executive who served as Obama’s top economic adviser.

Among those in attendance were former Obama Chiefs of Staff Bill Daley and Pete Rouse, former Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken, former U.S. Transportation chief Anthony Foxx and former U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman.

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