Watch Crazy Maxine Waters Concede Defeat To Trump Admits Sleepy Joe Biden Doesn’t Have What It Takes To Win

On Tuesday, Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters was confronted in regards to her endorsement between the two democratic forerunners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Although Waters made it clear she is yet to announce her support for either of the candidates, it is of paramount importance that the final Democratic nominee is capable of beating Donald Trump. “It’s not about who you like,” she said. “It’s about now watching and understanding who can beat Trump.”

Just before the California Democrat went on a rampage, attacking President Trump after she Was asked if she thinks Joe Biden can beat President Trump and if his mental instability is a cause for concern.

“I don’t know, but we’ll see,” Waters replied…

“President Trump has made an issue out of the gaffes of the campaign trail, said the reporter. Adding that “Biden has confused a few things out there on the trail, do you think he has the fitness and to take on Trump?”


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