President Trump Goes There Rains Heavy On Barack Obama: “The Missiles Fired Last Night at Us Were Paid For by the Funds Given to Iran by the Obama Administration” (VIDEO)

From Gateway Pundit: President Trump addressed the nation Wednesday morning following the Iranian missile attacks that hit US facilities in Iraq. The President called out Barack Obama for the sham … Read More


As we head towards President Trump’s impeachment tomorrow in the House, the secretive surveillance court broke its silence today about the biggest scandal in American history with a rare rebuke. … Read More

RUSH LIMBAUGH LET’S THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG: “Comey “Will Oust Obama To Avoid Jail And Save His Ass” Concerning IG Report

Rush Limbaugh broke down the explosive and quite scandalous IG report on his radio show and held nothing back. He points out the fallacy of the “no Trump bias” argument … Read More

IG REPORT: BILL BARR DROPS HEAVY NUKE ON BARACK OBAMA; “Ignored Exculpatory Evidence, Intrusive Investigation, Thinnest of Suspicions”

Bill Barr just dropped the hammer on Barack Obama and James Comey and the rest of the gang who couldn’t shoot straight for what they did to Trump based on … Read More

THE JIG IS UP: Rudy Giuliani Exposes $5.3 Million Money Laundering Involving Barack Obama And Joe Biden

BARACK OBAMA and JOE BIDEN linked to MISSING $5.3 BILLION during Obama Administration, Rudy Giuliani reveals. Earlier, Mark Levin an American lawyer, author, and radio personality directed a comment towards … Read More

Major Bombshell: All Hell Break Loose After Obama Withdraws Support For Joe Biden Amidst Corruption Investigation.

Politico took a deep dive into the mind of Barack Obama vis a vis the Democratic candidates and the election. Many Democratic have made the trek to visit with Obama, … Read More

Got Him By The Balls: Senator Lyndsey Graham Launches Full Attack On Corrupt Joe Biden After This

Following recent indictment of Burisma Holding head which had big names like Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Obama involved in, the republican senator took charge and demanded full transcripts of … Read More

Rep John Ratcliffe Blast Nancy Pelosi Reveals Impending Doom For Biden And Obama In IG Report

Maria Bartiromo interviewed Representative John Ratcliffe, R-TX, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, about the Democrats’ impeachment star chamber on her Sunday program She led off her FNC show … Read More

Ukrainian Prosecutor Release Damning Documents Revealing Bombshell Evidence Of Money Laundering And Bribes Involving The Bidens, John Kerry And Obama

According to The Gateway Pundit, damning documents revealing huge millions in dollars from foreign sources given to the Bidens, Devon Archer and John Kerry and family. Gateway Pundit reported: Documents … Read More